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Plugins are software components that add features to your server, much like a mod.

Unlike mods, however, plugins do not have a whitelist and only run on the server, not on the client.

How to install a Plugin

With UI

Go to the "Plugins" tab

Click the "Browse Plugins" Button at the bottom left

Select a Plugin and click "Download" then relaunch torch

Without UI

A list of all approved plugins can be found and downloaded on the torch website

To install a plugin, just put the .zip in the Plugins folder (torch-server\Plugins).

This can be done while the server runs and new plugins/updated plugins you put there will reload on the next server restart.

There are three major plugins developed by the torch team: Essentials, Concealment and Profiler.


Please reference Plugins/ObsoleteMembers for information on deprecated methods and members.