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Commands are actions you can perform by typing them into the ingame chat or Torch's chat window. Plugins can add their own sets of commands.

All commands are prefixed with !


Command arguments require specific kinds of input. Arguments wrapped in <> are required, arguments wrapped in [] are optional with default values specified.

Name Type
bool Boolean (true or false)
int Integer (whole number)
string Text (normal text, wrap in quotes if it contains spaces)

Torch Commands

Command Description Usage Permission
help Displays help for a command help <command> None
longhelp Displays help for all loaded commands longhelp None
ver Shows the current Torch version ver None
plugins Lists the currently loaded plugins plugins None
stop Stops the server stop [bool save = true] Admin
restart Restarts the server restart [int countdownSeconds = 10] [bool save = true] Admin
restart cancel Cancels a pending restart restart cancel Admin
notify Shows a message as a notification in the middle of all players' screens. notify <string message> [int disappearTimeMs = 2000] [string font = White] Admin
save Saves the game save Admin
uptime Check how long the server has been online uptime Admin
whitelist Enables or disables the whitelist. if enabled, only people added to the whitelist can enter the server whitelist <on/off> Admin
whitelist add Adds a SteamID to the whitelist whitelist add <uInt64 steamID> Admin
whitelist remove Removes a SteamID from the whitelist whitelist remove <uInt64 steamID> Admin