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Welcome to the Torch wiki. Feel free to contribute articles related to running Torch and its plugins or general Space Engineers game/modding.

Torch is a community-made Space Engineers dedicated server that gives server owners powerful tools to make server maintenance easier.

Notable features:

  • Comprehensive graphical user interface
  • Chat: interact with the game chat and run commands without having to join the game.
  • Entity manager: realtime modification of ingame entities such as stopping grids and changing block settings without having to join the game
  • Organized, easy to use configuration editor
  • Extensible using the Torch plugin system

Download Torch and almost all plugins on the Torch website.

$10+ Patrons can access and download the Patron-exclusive builds of torch and Essentials here after logging in.

The log-in information is in the pinned messages of the Patron channel on the Torch discord.

Table of contents

  1. Torch Server - download page
    1. Basic Getting Started Guide
    2. Commands
  2. Torch Client
  3. Plugins - plugins website
    1. Essentials - download page
    2. Concealment - download page
    3. Profiler - download page
    4. SEDiscordBridge - download page
    5. others
    6. Plugin Development Tutorials - How to get started writing your own plugins?
  4. Source code -
  5. Contributors