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  • ...nd find out how different Methods work. However keep in mind that the Keen Software House EULA applies. dnSpy allows you to either to attach to running torch instances, or start torch directly through it. Which allows you to decompile its code, set breakpoint
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  • Concealment is a plugin created by the torch team. It is the most important plugin for performance improvements. The off [[Category:Torch Software]]
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  • ==The Torch Server== Torch at it's core is a Server Manager that provides a framework to assist server
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  • The Profiler is a plugin created by the torch team. It adds tools for exploring causes of lag and is also useful to check [[Category:Torch Software]]
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  • Plugins are software components that add features to your server, much like a mod. ...iewed before they get added. Make sure the source of any plugin not on the torch website can be trusted before installing them.
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  • Essentials is a plugin created by the torch team. It has a wide variety of functions. the official version can be downl *Override Vanilla/Torch permissions: (USE WITH CARE) Allow players with a low MyPromoteLevel to use
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